VTE tool


Virtual Test Engineer (VTE) is a test generation tool which generates test cases and test scripts from UML diagrams for Android mobiles using Genetic Algorithm (GA).
It is using test design techniques such as All Pair testing, Basis Path (BP) testing etc. It is generating test cases from UML diagrams such as Sequence diagram,
Activity diagram and State diagram by taking the corresponding XMI file as an input. The output test scripts are Robotium (Java) scripts and XML scripts wrapped with
Android APK which can run on Android devices. A Menu Tree (MT) database is generated from Android mobile which is used to navigate through menu items.

Study in detail test generation methods from UML diagrams
Analyze the functional verification of applications, features in smart phones
Identify concepts to improve and automate functional verification
Design and develop functional verification system for smart phones
Test and evaluate automated functional verification system

Problem Statement
Existing test automation frameworks lack generating re-usable tests under varying environmental conditions such as changing User Interface (UI), upgraded OS versions
and varying form factors of devices under test. They are not considering optimization of test cases when path explosion occurs.

The inputs required by VTE tool, the algorithms used and the outputs produced by VTE are given below:
Input UML Diagrams
Sequence Diagram
Activity Diagram
State Diagram
Menu Tree Database

Genetic Algorithm for Basis Path Generation
Recursive Algorithm for Basis Path Generation
Recursive Algorithm for Menu Tree Generation
Genetic Algorithm for Robotium API Identification
Genetic Algorithm for Optimized Test Case Generation

Output Executable Tests
XML test cases with APK wrapper
Robotium Scripts

Block Diagram

APK Based Executable Test Generation from Sequence Diagram

Robotium Based Executable Test Generation from State Chart Diagram